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About Us is your online source for independent information on the profession of bookkeeping and the work bookkeepers perform for businesses. If you are the owner or manager of a business interested in hiring out some or all of your book work; or if you would just like to learn more about what bookkeepers can do for companies and why they are so important, this site is a great landing spot.

We can connect you with quality local bookkeepers in and around your home town. Once you get into touch with some of these talented local pros, you can solicit quotes and find out what their services might cost you. Some businesses have greater needs than others. The talents of an expert in double entry accounting might come in handy for some, but may be unnecessary for others. For this reason we encourage business owners to directly contact local pros and get with them on a customized package of services. is a site containing a great deal of useful general information on bookkeeping and the importance of bookkeeping services. Learn about the advantages of hiring a bookkeeper and read up on the financial impact a good bookkeeping professional can have on an organization. Take the time to go through our FAQ section and discover the answers to some frequently asked questions about the profession and those who work in it.

We have made every effort to provide a comprehensive general resource for online research, complete with the capability to connect end users with qualified bookkeepers in their geographical area. If you are having trouble getting into touch with local bookkeeping providers or if you have a question about our content, please contact us. We strive to make the end user experience as pleasant and informative as it can be.