The Bookkeeping Company

We are The Bookkeeping Company, LLC. Our only focus is bookkeeping. We do not compete with CPAs, outsourced CFOs, or business consultants. We will never attempt to cross sell you on expensive services. Our only goal is to handle the financial grunt work for your business, non-profit, trust, estate or home. Our goal is to provide you with piece of mind, and free you up to focus on what matters most. Our services also will help make life easier for CPAs, CFOs, and management consultants.


Who We Help

Small Business & Parternships

From start-ups to $5 million in revenues.


We work with charities, clubs, and faith-based organizations.

Estates and Trust

We assist trustees, beneficiaries, and settlors.


We help busy professionals, elderly clients, and others needing assistance.

What We Do

General Bookkeeping

We handle your basic bookkeeping, either on-site or from our offices. We use QuickBooks® and other specialized financial software.

Bill Pay

We will handle your accounts payable. We can mesh with your existing system, or use our own.

Payroll & 1099s

With a wide array of partnerships, we provide cost effective Payroll and 1099 services.

Financial Statements

Our TBC Dashboard provides real-time information, and we provide useful scheduled reports.